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    Spectacular performance for High Yield Fund I

    Authored By: George Tsetsekos, PhD
    Francis Professor of Finance
    The outstanding performance for Lexerd’s High Yield Fund I has surpassed S&P 500 returns and delivered not only a 2.27 times value appreciation of the initial investment, but also cumulative distributions of 62% since inception

    l Lord III and his team at the Lexerd Capital Management has delivered outstanding returns for the first High Yield Capital Fund I. Since 2011, the fund has invested $6.26Million in income producing multifamily assets and as of March 31, 2018 the fund has made 62%cumulative distributions to investors. Moreover, since inception the value of the fund has appreciated by 2.27 time the initial fund investment (227%). Taken together the total implied return for the initial investment produced 289% returns while the S&P500 during the same period had a return of 120.3%.

    Multiple Calculation for LCM High Yield Fund I

    (as of March 31, 2018)

    Initial Capital $6,261,499.35
    Value of Assets $59,821,263.00
    Loan Balance $45,594.910.00
    Net Fund Value 14,226,353.00
    Implied Multiple 2.27

    Since Inception

    Annual fund distribution 8%
    Cumulative distributions 62%
    Fund IRR 26.9%